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White shoes are all the rage these days in the world of men’s fashion. It has become a trend thanks to modern minimalist styles being sported by today’s male fashionistas, although the said shade can be a bit tricky to match with different outfits. This is because white, although plain and simple, can be too flashy to wear. So yes, it is downright important to know when exactly can you don the said colour especially on your shoes.

So when and how should you wear white men’s shoes?

  1. If you’re feeling preppy and casual.

There are times when you just want to wear simple casual clothes when running errands. At the same time though, you also want to look a bit dapper without going all formal. Hence, you may want to pair your white shoes with a denim jeans and a white collared shirt, then you’re all set.

The beauty of this getup is that you don’t have to pull extra effort on your clothes just to match the light shade of the shoes. You can easily slip onto these clothes and wear your shoes to complete the look.

You can wear any type of white shoes to achieve this style, although the most preferred shoe types are rubber sneakers and canvas shoes.

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  1. If you’re feeling minimalist.

Meanwhile, if you feel like you want to join the trend of modern minimalist fashion, then it’s just about time that you wear white shoes. You can easily achieve this look by wearing dark jeans and a jacket of the same shade over a white shirt.

This is a popular style among men today, and you can maintain the look by sticking to the said colours. As much as possible don’t add any other pop of colour onto your accessories; if you opted to wear black jeans, then do the same with the jacket.

Rubber sneakers are often worn for minimalist styles. However, you can also go for white boat shoes in case you want to go sockless. The fringes in the said shoes also add more variety to the otherwise restricted style.

  1. If you need to be dapper in khakis.

Most people think that khakis are casual, but when worn properly they can look as formal as the darker shades of brown, blue, and black. If you are thinking about wearing khakis to a party or a formal gathering, then you may style it up by sporting white leather shoes as well.

White leather shoes also go well with other fabrics, not just khaki. They can be seen with tweed and even corduroy outfits. The key here is consistency; you need not go for different prints or styles, just stick to one pattern and shade and the white shoes will create the balance in your overall look.

  1. When in shorts!

Who says you can’t wear white shoes with shorts?

If there’s one perfect style for white men’s shoes, then that would be the shirt and shorts combo. This getup is actually perfect for guys who are into leisurely walks or those who want to look preppy and clean in an effortless manner.

All you have to do is wear a clean pair of white loafers or sneakers, shorts, and a shirt of any shade and you’re ready to go.

The golden rule of white shoes:

When wearing white shoes, it is downright important that you clean them regularly. The colour easily gathers dirt and grime, making it look gross over time. You don’t want to wear a pair of filthy white shoes, right? Indeed, it can be a chore, but with regular cleaning you are able to keep your shoes as look as good as new.

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