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Blouses are the uppermost garments worn by the people to cover the shoulder and waistline of the body. The balloon blouse is the more comfortable blouses as compared to the other types of blouses. The sleeve or the whole blouse body has a loose fitting. The balloon blouse is more often flexible in wearing because of the huge   or hollow space between the sleeves of the blouse. Silk blouses are those types of blouses which used silk fabric for the manufacturing. These balloon blouses have a various type of printing and the other graphics with the large variety of color and style.

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The balloon blouses can be worn along with the trousers and pants which provide the romantic and dashing look. Various fabrics is used for the different type of blouses and design. The design and the type of size and shape is the first priority of the manufacturer. There are many brands in the market which provide the different style of the balloon blouses.

The following are the dashing and stylish balloon blouses for the women:

  1. DABUWAW- H-line balloon sleeve vintage blouse. The blouse is featured with purple color having vintage style and turtle neck. The product is decorated with the bow style and sleeve length is varies with the body of the customers.
  2. Jade and Cloud- bow long sleeve plain casual polyester blouse. The blouse is having turtle neck and elegant style with the white color. Polyester and silk are the main fabric of the product.
  3. DABUWAW- white ruffled casual blouse. Viscose, nylon and spandex are the main composition of the product. Suitable for the mid-weight women and it is non-stretchy having crew neck.
  4. EVEN THOUGH- pink elegant A-line polyester bow blouse. The product is available in pink elegant color and available in small, medium and large.
  5. DANDE- white balloon sleeve lapel plain blouse. Suitable for the light-weight women and available in one size. The blouse is featured with button and it is non-starchy.
  6. TAMAR- elegant balloon sleeve crew neck blouse. Cotton, viscose and Elastane are the main fabric of the product. Available in pink color with small and medium size.
  7. Jade and Cloud- white silk balloon sleeve blouse. The blouse is having printing of flower all around the blouse and featured with the shirt collar. Polyester and silk material is used in manufacturing with having white color.

These are some of the stylish and versatile blouses with different brand and design by

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