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It is said that the family has a great influence on the children and your personality shows a lot about your upbringing conditions. This though suits well to Sophie Mechaly, who is the Paris born fashion designer. She was greatly inspired by her family business of shirt making. Her mother created designer shirts in 1970s which became a popular brand in France at that time. After assisting her mother for long time, she launched her own brand in the name of her children Paul and Joe. Initially this was a men’s wear brand that inducted the women brand line in the next year of its launch. She has opened her brand under the company IFCHIC.

Designer clothing from the brand

Paul and Joe sister offers huge range of designer clothes for men and women both. You can find all types of dresses at this online store so you have the option to select it from the huge range of options.  You can find tops, bottoms, outer wear and denims in various designs and colors. Designer clothing at this store is ideal for the formal occasions and informal events.

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Fashion accessories

 Besides designer clothing, this store also offers fashion accessories to complement your style. Fashion jewelry, hat, bags, eyewear are some popular accessories that are available for sale. There is huge range of items under these categories that can be easily matched with your fashion statement and style.

Make money with French designer

Online French fashion store offers a monthly sale at the end of the month in which the clothes, accessories and other items are available at extremely low rates. In addition to this, customers can use promo codes which are the discount coupons for availing the monetary benefits. In these ways, the customers are able to save lots of money during the purchase.


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